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Who Killed Aisha? A conspiracy of Muawiyyah & Marwan

It seems it was Marwan bin Hakam killed 'Aisha for the same reason for which he killed Companion "Talha" .... i.e. both Talha & Aisha played big role in the killing of Uthman (3rd Caliph who belonged to Bani Umayyah clan of Muawiyyah & Marwan).

Yes, these are 100% historical facts and 100% true that:

  1. Aisha and Talha played great role in killing of Uthman.
  2. Marwan bin Hakam (who later became Caliph) killed Talha during war of "Jamal" as he considered him among killers of Uthman.
  3. This same Marwan knew very well how Aisha conspired against Uthman and her role in his killing.
  4. That is why Aisha & Talha didn't join Muawiyyah in claiming the revenge of blood of Uthman and they fought separately against Ali Ibn Abi Talib during "Jamal" & "Saffin".

The account of killing of Aisha is given in Sunni Books as under:

"Mauweyah invited Ayesha for dinner, and he got a ditch dug in the ground, filling it up with sharp knives and swords, with their blades facing upwards. According to Alama Ibn Khaldoon, Mauweyah masked that ditch with lanky pieces of wood, and spread a carpet on top of it all to camouflage it. He placed a wooden chair over it for Ayesha to sit. No sooner Ayesha sat on the chair, the whole set up retrieved and she fell in the pit, injuring herself from head to toe, and breaking a lot of bones. To hide his felony, Mauweyah got the ditched filled up with lime. That is how he murdered Ayesha; she was sixty four years old when Mauweyah murdered her towards the end of 57 Hijri. This proves, with out a doubt, that Mauweyah was an enemy of Prophet Mohammed (p), and he proved his enmity towards the Prophet (p) by murdering his (p) wife. The only reason that Mauweyah performed this heinous act was that Ayesha stopped him from making fun of Islam from the pulpit of Masjid-e-Nabvi.. This is why no one knows the exact location of Ayesha’s grave in Medina."

He killed the Mother of the Believers Ayesha in cold blood after ordering the killing of her brother Muhammad bin Abu Bakar. He was also responsible for the killings of many other companions of the Prophet (p) including Hajar bin Adi and Ammar Yasir.

Following the death of Muhammad bin 'Abu Bakr the people of Egypt gave bayya to Muaweyah. It was following this (event) that Ummul Mu'mineen Ayesha would curse Muaweyah and Amr bin Aas after every Salaat. 
Tadhkira ul Khawass page 62 

Sunni References:

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Marwan was only following the orders of Muawiyyah Ibn Abi Sufyan (like taking the oath of allegiance for Drunkard Yazid forcefully, giving sermons of Eids before prayer etc). 

Imam Ibn Hajar Asqalani records:

وأخرجه أبو القاسم البغوي بسند صحيح عن الجارود بن أبي سبرة قال : لما كان يوم الجمل نظر مروان إلى طلحة ، فقال : لا أطلب ثأري بعد اليوم ، فنزع له بسهم فقتله .

Abu al-Qasim al-Baghawi narrated with Sahih chain from the Jarud bin Abi Sabra that he said: ‘When it was the battle of Jamal, Marwan looked at Talha and said: ‘I will not seek for my revenge after this day’ then he shot him an arrow and killed him.’

Moreover he records:

وأخرج يعقوب بن سفيان بسند صحيح عن قيس بن أبي حازم أن مروان بن الحكم رأى طلحة في الخيل ، فقال : هذا أعان على عثمان فرماه بسهم في ركبته ، فما زال الدم يسيح حتى مات

Narrated Yaqub bin Sufyan with Sahih chain from Qais bin Abi Hazem that Marwan bin al-Hakam saw Talha on the horse, he (Marwan) said: ‘He assisted against Uthman’ then he shot him an arrow in his knee, he was bleeding till he died.
 Al-Isaba, Volume 3 page 432 Translation No. 4270

Imam Hakim has also recorded with a Sahih chain:

Akrash stated: 'We were fighting with Talha against Ali. Marwan was with us, then we started to face defeat hence Marwan said: 'I will not seek for my revenge after this day, then he shot him with an arrow and killed him.'' 
 Mustadrak al-Hakim, Volume 3 page 417 Tradition 5589

When the situation became extremely grave, Uthman ordered Marwan Ibn al-Hakam and Abdurahman Ibn Attab Ibn Usayd to try to persuade Aisha to stop campaigning against him. They went to her while she was preparing to leave for pilgrimage, and they told her: "We pray that you stay in Medina, and that Allah may save this man (Uthman ) through you." Aisha said: "I have prepared my means of transportation and vowed to perform the pilgrimage. By God, I shall not honor your request... I wish he (Uthman ) was in one of my sacks so that I could carry him. I would then throw him into the sea." 
 Ansab al-Ashraf, Volume 6 pages 192-193

In Tabaqat al Kubra, Volume 3 page 82 we read the testimony of famous Tabayee namely Masrooq which has also been quoted by the Abu Sulaiman and has declared the tradition as authentic:

"Musrooq said to Aisha, Uthman died because of you, you wrote to people and incited them against him".

In Iqd al Fareed, Volume 2 page 210 we learn that:

فقال مَرْوان: فقلت لها: هذا عَملك، كتبتِ إلى الناس تأمرينهم بالخروج عليه

"Marwan approached Aisha and said Uthman died because of you, you wrote to people and incited them against him". 

Also in Iqd al Fareed, Volume 2 page 93 we read that:

دخل المُغيرة بن شُعبة على عائشة فقالت: يا أبا عبد الله، لو رأيتني يومَ الجمل وقد نفذتْ النِّصالُ هَوْدجي حتى وصل بعضُها إلى جِلْدي. قال لها المغيرة: وددتُ والله أن بَعضها كان قتلك. قالت: يرحمك الله، ولم تقول هذا؟ قال: لعلَها تكون كَفّارة في سَعْيك على عُثمان.

"Mugheera bin Shuba approached Aisha and she said to him, 'In Jamal some of the arrows that were fired, nearly pierced my skin.' Mugheera replied 'If only an arrow had killed you, that would have acted as penance for the fact that you had incited the people to kill Uthman ".

For those who make attempts to have us believed that Ayesha shared very cordial relations with Uthman, we should remind such people that at one place Ayesha, herself made the following admission:

Ibn Jarir Tabari - Ziyaad bin Ayub - Muassab bin Sulaiman al-Tamimi - Muhammad - Asim bin Kulayb - his father:
During the time of Uthman bin Affan, I had a dream. I saw a man who was ruling the people while he was ill in bed, and a woman was by his head. The people were after him and hastened toward him and had she forbidden them, they would have stopped. But she did not, so they seized and killed him. I used to recount this dream of mine to everyone, whether settled or nomad, and they were surprised and did not know what it meant. 
Then when Uthman was killed the news reached us as we were returning from a raid, and my companions said: ‘You dream Kulayb!’. When we got to Basrah, and we had not been there long when someone said: ‘Talha and al-Zubayr are coming and the Mother of the Faithful is with them’. This alarmed the people and they were surprised, but they were claiming to the people that they had only come out of anger over Uthman and in penance over the way they had not supported him. The Mother of the Faithful spoke up: "We became angry at Uthman on your behalf because of three things he did: giving command to youths, expropriating common property and beating (people) with whips and sticks".

 History of Tabari, English Edition, volume 16, pages 99-100
Ziyad bin Ayub: Dahabi said: ‘Hujja’ (Tazkirat al-Hufaz, v2 p508), Ibn Hajar said: ‘Thiqah’ (Taqrib al-Tahdib, v1 p318). Mussab bin Salam al-Tamimi:Al-Albaani considered him Thiqah (Silsila Sahiha, v5 p280). Ibn Hajar said:‘Seduq’ (Taqrib al-Tahdib, v2 p186). Muhammad bin Suqah: Dahabi said:’Hujja’ (Siar alam alnubala, v6, p1340, Ibn Hajar said: ‘Thiqah’ (Taqrib al-Tahdib, v2 p84). Asim bin Kulayb: Dahabi said:‘Authenticated’ (Tarikh al-Islam, v8 p457), Al-Albaani said:‘Thiqah’ (Silsila Sahiha, v3 p334), Ibn Hajar said: ‘Seduq’ (Taqrib al-Tahdib, v1 p459). Kulayb bin Shehab: Ibn Hajar said: 'Seduq' (Taqrib al-Tahdib, v2 p44), Dahabi said: 'Authenticated' (Al-Kashif, v2 p149).

Umar bin Shabbah - Abu al-Hasan - Abu Amr - Utbah bin al-Mughirah bin al-Akhnas: At Dhat Irq, Saeed bin al-Aas met Marwan bin al-Hakam and his men and asked: "Where are you heading for? Those from whom you seek revenge are on the rumps of camels. Kill them and then go back to your houses! "
 History of Tabari, English edition, Volume 16, page 44

It is little wonder that even Talha’s son admitted the role of his father in killing Uthman. In ‘al Imama wal Siyasa’ page 60 we read that: 

"Someone asked Muhammad bin Talha who killed Uthman ? He replied that "one third of his death was attributable to Aisha and one third was due to my father Talha"


Lame Excuse: Muawiyyah got no hands in killing of Talha & Aisha

It is totally baseless defense of Muawiyyah.

  1. The first Question: What action did Muawiyyah take against Marwan when he shot an arrow and killed "Talha"?
    Did Muawiyyah hang till death his relative Marwan for this crime?
  2. Instead of hanging Marwan, he made him the Governor of Madina and Marwan kept on showing tyranny upon people according to the orders of Muawiyyah (like forcing people to take oath of allegiance of Yazid, Cursing Ali & his progeny from Minbar, starting Bidahs (innovations) like offering Khutba of Eid before prayer etc.)
  3. Marwan didn't do all this at his own, but by the orders of Muawiyyah. Therefore, when Aisha used to oppose Marwan, she was actually opposing Muawiyyah.
  4. It was not only Marwan from Bani Ummayyah who hated the killers of Uthman ... but whole of Bani Ummayyah (including Muawiyyah) hated the killers of Uthman. 
    Therefore, it is said that Marwan made the well and killed Aisha according to the orders of Muawiyyah. 
  5. Even if Muawiyyah didn't order it, still question remains that WHY did Muawiyyah not punish Marwan for killing her and why kept him as his Governor?

Shame: The killer of Talha (Grand Companion) & Aisha is "Ameer-ul-Momineen" of Muslims

What a shame that the killer of Aisha and Talha became the Caliph (Ameer-ul-Momineen) of Muslims (i.e. all Sahaba & Tabaeen of that time gave oath of allegiance to him). 

And Sapah Sahaba say "Radhi Allaho Anho" after the name of Marwan. See book "Barat-e-Uthman by Sapah Sahaba". 

Moreover, this is also written about Marwan by this Sapah Sahaba Alim:

  1. Marwan is a Sahabi (companion) of Prophet (thus used Radhi Allaho Anho after his name)
  2. Imam Malik considered Marwan as "Faqih" and used his traditions for finding out Fiqh Issue. 
  3. Moreover, his Traditions are recorded in 6 Authentic Sunni Books (except for Muslim). 

May Allah's curse be upon Marwan & all those who conspired against Imam Ali (as). Amin. 

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